My Story

I was introduced to Scentsy one month before it was launched in the UK. A friend in America told me her friend sold it and had been told that Scentsy was launching in the UK in April 2011 and wondered if I would be interested being a stay at home mum. I was put in contact with my much loved sponsor Brenda, and she was very kind to send me a warmer and a Scent bar to try for myself. I plugged the warmer in and I was in love.  The scent was amazing and I loved the safety aspect of Scentsy as I have three (soon to be four!) young children who get into everything so I couldn't have candles lit when they were around and I certainly couldn't have oil burners going for fear they would pull it down on themselves and get burned. Scentsy is completely safe. It only heats to just above body temperature and so if a child knocks it over or pulls it down on themselves (And mine have) they don't get burned or injured! That was just one fabulous blessing, the next was the scents themselves! Oh My! there are 80 different scents and they are all divine! So hard to choose just a few! My husband loves it too, not only the lush "Scentsy Man" scents that are there, (his favourite is "Weathered Leather") but because it's so economical! He would gripe when I bought Glade plug in's and such because they were so expensive and only lasted a week, two at most.  Scentsy bars last up to 80 hours per pack and then some...I have one I've been using for two months and it's still putting off a scent! My children adore their Scentsy Buddies.  My 19 month old son takes his Lenny the Lamb everywhere he goes and scents up the place with "Newborn Nursery" Scent pack! I'm building my business from the ground up, and though challenging at times, it is extremely rewarding.  Scentsy is a wonderful company to work for, with the help of my sponsor, and the consultant support team, and the amazing resources that Scentsy provides to its consultants, I'm aiming high! I've never for one moment regretted joining Scentsy. It's fun, rewarding and just so fabulous, words fail me!<!--endbody-->